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ABB has launched a digital application, ABB AbilityTM MineOptimize, to enable a globally efficient mine.

Posted:2019-11-20 15:15:39 Author:

From design, construction to operation and services, from open pit mines, underground mines to mineral processing plants, ABB AbilityTM MineOptimize, with digital technology as its core, can connect all electrical equipment, automation equipment and digital products to achieve full life cycle optimization.

ABB AbilityTM MineOptimize consists of a range of digitally interconnected products, services and solutions, including advanced digital technologies for remote services, predictive maintenance tools and solutions for upgrading. Advanced application libraries, software solutions and digital platforms can simplify processes, promote safe production, and reduce life cycle operating costs. ABB AbilityTMineOptimize Digital helps managers maximize reliability, safety, productivity and energy efficiency by ensuring that people in the relevant positions have access to accurate information at any time and at any time, optimizing the planning and visibility of the entire enterprise and operation.

"Optimization of mining and mineral processing operations is essential to increase productivity, reduce downtime and protect staff and the environment, and is an important factor in maintaining market competitiveness," explained Martin Knabenhans, head of product management at ABB Process Industry Business Unit. "ABB AbilityTM MineOptimize's product portfolio provides open, digitized and interconnected mining applications for operation, maintenance, production processes and performance. As a partner in the digital transformation of mining companies, ABB AbilityTM MineOptimize can achieve IT/OT integration for some of the most cost-effective mines in the world. "

As the leader of the digital industry, ABB will write the future of the mining industry through ABB AbilityTMineOptimize's new generation of electrical solutions, digital applications and collaborative services:

Ensuring power supply and sustainable mining in mines

Thanks to the process and power control of the upgraded ABB AbilyTM800xA system, a new generation of mining automation was created.

Improved usability through cloud-based prediction and analysis functions in Mills, hoists and belt transporters

In the construction or reconstruction of the mine, ABB AbilityTM MineOptimize digital application will improve electrification and automation solutions dedicated to hoist, gear grinder transmission and material processing, and achieve collaborative remote services, equipment availability, performance and quality services. Synchronization.

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