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ABB’s new PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioner 400 V

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2013-10-22 - ABB have released their new PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC) series. The successful PCS100 AVC range has been upgraded with a new 400 V range. This is a fully rated product at 400 V and can be applied to 380, 400 and 415 V networks. Previously 400 VAC rated PCS100 AVCs were down rated versions of 480 VAC rated units. This provides an additional 20 percent kVA capacity at no cost.
This versatile product will find acceptance in 380 V countries such as China, 400 V regions such as Europe, the majority of Asia, South America, and for a smaller number of countries using 415 V such as Malaysia. The PCS100 AVC 400 V series is compatible with both 50 and 60 Hz supplies so countries such as Japan or OEM’s dealing with both frequencies will find products held in stock to be readily applicable to either network.

The benefits for the end user are a lower cost per kVA and a smaller footprint for a given rating. The immediate saving and reduced real estate required for new installations or the sometimes challenging retrofit applications are a “win-win” situation for ABB’s customers.

All 400 V range products sold are CE certified and suitable for global markets with a range of languages available on the graphical display. As part of the modular PCS100 product portfolio, spare parts are rationalized and available on short notice with ABB’s back-up and support.

The PCS100 AVC 400 V series is an ideal solution for demanding voltage conditioning applications providing continuous regulation and near instantaneous correction of voltage sags and surges. The improved features and performance of the 400 V PCS100 AVC will see it even more widely applied in applications as diverse as, semiconductor and industrial plant protection through to medical and data centers. Typically, wherever critical loads require continuous clean power, the PCS100 AVC 400 V series will provide continuous benefits to the end user in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Watch the 4.35 minute video featuring the PCS100 AVC