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UNITROL 1000 up close and personal

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Around 40 customers and partners visited ABB’s Power Electronics facility (Turgi, Switzerland) during the end of October. The UNITROL® 1000 product launch event was a perfect opportunity to have a hands-on experience of the latest generation of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) and to exchange opinions with ABB’s technical specialists.

Event at a glance 
While the morning of the event was mainly dedicated to UNITROL 1010 / 1020 product-specific presentations, in the afternoon the participants enjoyed live demonstrations of the new AVR and its commissioning and maintenance tool, the CMT1000. “We are particularly proud of our CMT1000 tool. It has a very intuitive interface: You can master the program in one or two hours”, commented Rudolf Moeckli, Product Manager of UNITROL 1000 family.
The day ended with factory tours covering the whole ABB Power Electronics and MV Drives production facility in Turgi. According to feedback, visitors were impressed by the technical know-how of the hosting Excitation Systems team and showed a lot of engagement while examining the demo units.

Technical background
Excitation systems, as well as AVRs, supply generators with alternating current. In case of disturbances, they make a major contribution to stability of electrical networks by regulating the voltage and reactive power of the generator.
UNITROL 1010 and UNITROL 1020 cover the lower excitation current range of up to 20 ADC (with an additional power module the range can be extended up to 40 ADC). These two new AVRs belong to the well-established UNITROL product family and succeed the UNITROL 1000-7 and 1000-15 devices. The main focus areas for the UNITROL 1000 series products are power generation, marine and rail industries. Both devices meet worldwide network compatibility requirements (grid codes), offer a wide spectrum of integrated functions and stand out with their robust mechanical design that successfully withstands exposure to vibrations and harsh environments.

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